Lake Grapevine Trails: How To Explore The Lake

Grapevine Lake is an amazing amalgamation of nature, wildlife, and city life combined. Residents who live around and on Grapevine Lake may see more city than nature in their everyday lives. We want to inform you that there are opportunities galore for experiencing Grapevine Lake’s extreme native experiences through its nature trails around the lake. 

What Are the Major Trails on Grapevine Lake?

Grapevine Lake is rich with hiking, mountain biking, and equestrian trails. Even though Grapevine Lake is surrounded by cities and housing subdivisions, its trails teem with biodiversity, flora, and fauna. 

The major trails on Grapevine Lake are the North Shore Trail, the Horseshoe Trails, the Cross Timbers Trail, and the Bob Jones Nature Center Trails, of which the Walnut Grove Trail is the major trail there. 

The City of Grapevine Trails

These next few trails are all accessed from Dove Road, East Dove Loop Road, and West Dove Loop Road, which is the same road. It can confuse you, but it is the same road. All of these parks are free except for parking fees at Rockledge Park, Meadowmere Park, and Lakeview Park. The Northshore Trail intersects with trail that are not managed by Grapevine, which charge fees. 

Oak Grove Trails

Oak Grove Park covers 40 acres and is one of the largest parks at Grapevine Lake. Oak Grove Park is on the south side of Grapevine Lake on the Silver Lake Branch across from the Gaylord Texan Resort on Oak Grove Loop South. Oak Grove Park is free with plenty of parking. 

Oak Grove Park offers bicycling, walking and running trails and sponsors 5K runs. It is home to Scott’s Landing Marina, three boat ramps, a restaurant, picnic areas, play areas, beaches, a volleyball court, and soccer, baseball, and softball fields. 

Oak Grove Park is full of paved bicycling, walking, and running trails. Walkers and runners can get in some hill training on this trail. There is a small exercise area off of the trails and a small pond in the middle of the park. It is a day-use park only. 

The City of Grapevine maintains and patrols Oak Grove Park. It usually sees heavy traffic, and the covered picnic tables are usually occupied early on weekend days. Dogs are welcome on a leash. 

Oak Grove Park Amenities

  • Restrooms
  • Boat Ramps
  • Big Daddy’s Cafe and Ship Store
  • Scott’s Landing Marina
  • Boat Storage
  • Covered Picnic Tables
  • Baseball / Softball Fields
  • Soccer Fields
  • Running & Biking Trails
  • Children Playground
  • Trawick Pavilion
  • Sand Volleyball Court
  • Basketball goal
  • Baseball batting cages

How Long Is Horseshoe Trail at Grapevine Lake?

Horseshoe Trail is officially 5.5 miles long and well-marked with several trailheads. It takes hikers and mountain bikers around the McPherson Slough on the south side of Grapevine Lake. It is mostly unpaved, but there is a paved part.

Horseshoe Trail then follows the old Snakey Lane on the north side of McPherson Slough, and on the south side there are numerous loops off the main trail. These are called the Horseshoe Trails. Snakey Lane is no longer a city road. 

Even though this trail is well-marked, it is easy to get turned around on the Horseshoe Trails. It is a moderately challenging unpaved trail. Horseshoe Trail is open year round and very popular with mountain bikers. Dogs are welcome on a leash. Hiking this trail can take two hours or more depending on where you explore.

The Horseshoe Trails are a select spot of nature tucked into Grapevine Lake’s city atmosphere. In good weather, these trails see heavy traffic. There are some fair technical climbs, roll downs, downhills, drops, and creek crossing. It is rated for intermediate skill levels. 

The Horseshoe Trail trailheads are located near Oak Grove Park’s Trawick Pavillion, from a short trail at the end of Stovewood Drive near the Dove Park area, and off of Dove Road at the Horseshoe Trails Park entrance with parking on the south side of McPherson Slough.

You can get on the trail from the north side of the slough just about anywhere from Snakey Lane, which forks off to the right from Slivercrest Lane off of Dove Road. Horseshoe Trail’s official location is Boathouse Drive, Grapevine, Texas, and the City of Grapevine and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers manages this property.

Shane Wilbanks Trail

The C. Shane Wilbanks Trail is in the same location as the Horseshoe Trails and crisscrosses with them. It leaves out of Oak Grove Park. It is paved, 3.19 miles long, and ends at Dove Loop Road on the south side of McPherson slough. If you want a longer hike, you can take off in the Horseshoe Trails system. See the Oak Grove Park section in this article for directions. 

Snakey Lane

Snakey Lane is an old road built long before DFW International Airport turned Grapevine, Texas, into a boom town and forever changed the entire Midcites region of the DFW metroplex.

If you do not want to hike the Horseshoe Trails, Snakey Lane is a very nice walk and also full of nature.  You would never know you were in an area surrounded by suburbs and city. 

Snakey Lane is a little over 4,000 feet long. It is between Silvercrest Lane on the south entrance and Lakeridge Drive on the north, along the north side of McPherson Slough. See the Horseshoe Trails section for more information on the location. 

The Dove Loop Trail

The Dove Loop Trail trailhead is next to the Cross Timbers Winery and begins at West Dove Loop Road, Grapevine, Texas, just west of Oak Grove Park. It is an easy, mostly paved trail with a couple of gullies for hikers and bicycles. 

The Dove Loop Trail is connected to the C. Shane Wilbanks Trail by one of the Oak Grove Trails. The paved part of the trail is 1.83 miles, but you can extend your hike or bike ride by veering off onto the other trails. 

This trail leads to the east following north of East Dove Loop Road, offers views of the lake, and takes you almost to where East Dove Loop Road intersects with Dooley Street. Dogs are welcome on a leash. 

Dove Park Trail 

Dove Park is a small park with a 0.34 mile loop around its perimeter. It is located on Dove Road between Sagebrush Trail and Hood Lane, south of Oak Grove Park. 

The Gaylord Texan Trail 

The Gaylord Texan Trail is conveniently located next to the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center located at 1501 Gaylord Trail, Grapevine, Texas. This trail is 1.3 miles long and takes you from the resort to downtown Grapevine, away from the lake. 

Vineyard’s Campground

Vineyard’s Campground has short nature trails located on the south side of Grapevine Lake on the Silver Lake Branch near the Gaylord Texan Resort. Its nature trails are for campground guests only. These nature trails are unpaved and do not allow bicycles. It is located at 1501 North Dooley Street, Grapevine, Texas. 

Vineyard’s Campground Amenities

  • Free Super-fast WiFi 
  • Cable TV for each Cabin & RV Site
  • Clean Laundry Facilities with machines that accept debit/credit cards
  • Camp Store
  • Group Pavilion 
  • Group Campfire
  • Swim Beach
  • Outdoor Games
  • Planned Activities
  • Playground
  • Fishing Pier and Cleaning Station
  • Courtesy Docks
  • Kayak Rentals
  • Stand Up Paddleboard Rentals
  • Bicycle Rentals
  • Nature Trails

Katie’s Woods Trails

Katie’s Woods Trails are on the south side of the Silver Lake Branch, across the cove from the trails surrounding Oak Grove Park on Katie’s Woods Drive. These trails are officially 2.10 miles long, but they are like the Horseshoe Trails. There are a lot of different paths to take off of the main trail, and they are marked. 

Katie’s Woods Trails are considered easy to moderate, and they take you along the shoreline. These trails are a favorite of dog walkers, hikers, mountain bikers, anglers, picnickers, and naturalists. There are plenty of trees for shade, but these trails see heavy traffic. They are located just to the north of Katie’s Woods Park.

Lakeview Trails

The Lakeview Trails are located north of McPherson Slough in Lakeview Park on Park Road 17 off of Silvercrest Road from Dove Road. The main trail is 2.5 miles long, but there are  forks and crisscrosses. 

Lakeview Park is open from 5a.m. to 10 p.m. daily and there is a $10 entrance fee. There is a credit/debit card pay station when you enter the park. Day use fees are $5 per day on regular days and $10 per day on holidays.

Lakeview Park Amenities

  • Restrooms
  • Two boat ramps
  • Covered picnic areas
  • Large “beach” area
  • Kids playground
  • Two story group pavilion
  • 2.5 miles of hike and bike trail

Meadowmere Lane Trail

Meadowmere Park has two trails. It is located at 3000 Meadowmere Lane, Grapevine, Texas, around one cove north of Lakeview Park. One trail from the park follows Meadowmere Lane to the south. It is 2.6 miles long. The other trail system is on the north side of the park with lots of paths.

Meadowmere Park charges $5 per car.  Day use hours are 8 a.m. to sunset, and you can primitive tent camp there for a different fee. It offers a floating water park during the summer season. 

Meadowmere Park Amenities

  • Children’s Playground
  • Beach / Swimming area
  • Campgrounds
  • Boat Ramp
  • Covered Picnic Tables
  • Restrooms
  • 3 docks
  • Kayak Rentals
  • Large open areas for kite flying or Frisbee
  • Nature Trails in a natural and heavily wooded area
  • Migratory Bird Viewing is excellent because of the natural shoreline environment
  • Pavillion available for rent

The Links Trail and the Mills Run Trail 

The Links Trail and Mills Run Trail are not on Grapevine Lake. They are in the City of Grapevine. The Links Trail intersects with the Dove Loop Trail and Mills Run Trail. The Links Trail follows Highway 26 from Ruth Wall to Grapevine Mills Mall. There is a rest area with a water fountain. It is 1.82 miles long and paved. 

The Mills Run Trail is 1.09 miles long, ten feet wide, and paved. It cuts across a wooded escarpment onto the floodplain of Denton Creek. It is a moderate trail with a 10% change in grade. It begins at the Grapevine Mills Mall and terminates south of the Denton Creek Bridge on F.M. 2499 at the Silver Oaks Apartments.

Trails at the Rest of Grapevine Lake

North Shore Trail

North Shore Trail is extremely popular with hikers and mountain bikers on the north side of Grapevine Lake. It follows a path from Rockledge Park to Twin Coves Park and intersects with Murrell Park. It is approximately 22.5 miles long.

The three parks have trailheads and designated parking for hikers and bikers. There is a fee to park at Rockledge Park at $5 per car,  and Twin Coves Park, which charges for day-use and camping. If you park outside the gate at Murrell Park, you can get on the trail for free. 

This trail has moderately difficult points. It has restrooms, pavilions, picnic tables, and grills. You can buy gas, drinks and snacks, and supplies in Flower Mound or Grapevine. 

Rockledge Park is just north of the dam on the east side of Grapevine Lake on Lakeside Village Boulevard. Murrell Park is south of Flower Mound on Simmons Road. Twin Coves Park is southwest of Flower Mound and south of Double Oak on Twin Coves Park Road. 

North Shore Trail is open year round, but can close due to weather, which is usually because of heavy rain that creates mud. Hikers need to watch out for bikers zipping quickly around them. Call this number for Trail Status: 817-454-1058.

Trail Rules at North Shore Trail

  • Helmets required for bikes
  • Stay on Marked Trail
  • No Alcoholic Beverages
  • No Glass Containers
  • Pets on Leash
  • No Motorized Vehicles
  • No Camping
  • No Ground fires
  • No Horses on Bike Trails

Walnut Grove Trail

The Walnut Grove Trail follows along the southwestern edge of Lake Grapevine, near the Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve (BJNCP) and on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (U.S.A.C.E.) property just south of Trophy Club, Texas, near Bob Jones Park in Southlake, Texas. This is 10 miles of unpaved trail used by hikers and horseback riders. 

Bob Jones Park is not easy to get to because there are a lot of twists and turns once you exit SH 114 to Kirkwood Road. It is located at 3901 N White Chapel Blvd, Southlake. Texas. There are several trailheads on U.S.A.C.E. property, and one in Southlake. at Harbor Court, off of Burney Lane. 

There are names for other trails within the Bob Jones trail system. Expect to be greeted by singing birds and to find wildlife tracks all over the trails from deer, coyotes, bobcats, and other wildlife. The BJNCP has identified almost 700 species of flora and fauna on the 758 acres of Cross Timbers ecosystem that comprises the preserve. 

Directions to Bob Jones Trailheads:

To White Chapel Road Trailhead: From Hwy 114 take the White Chapel exit. Head north on White Chapel Road to the end. There is limited parking for horse trailers.

To Bob Jones Road Trailhead: From Hwy 114 take the White Chapel exit. Head north on White Chapel Road and turn right on bob Jones Road (east) to the end. There is very limited parking for horse trailers.

To T.W. King Road Trailhead: From Hwy 114 take the White Chapel Blvd. exit. Head north on White Chapel Road and turn left on Bob Jones Road (west) onto T.W. King Road and follow to the end. No horse trailer parking available.

Rocky Point Trail

The Rocky Point Trail is on the north side of Grapevine Lake outside of Flower Mound, Texas. It is a moderately challenging 4.0 mile loop and takes about an hour and a half to hike. Horses and dogs on a leash are welcome. 

The Rocky Point Trail is open year round and popular for birding, hiking, and horseback riding. During heavy rains, this trail can become too muddy to navigate. It winds around Rocky Point Park and Redbud Point, provides beautiful views of the lake from the bluffs, and offers ideal picnicking along the lakeshore. 

The only established trailhead for this trail is along High Road between Stallion Circle and Sunnyview Lane. When heading west on FM 1171, turn left or south on High Road. The trailhead is approximately half a mile down High Road on the left. There are no facilities on this trail. 

Lake Trail

Lake Trail is a short 1,000 foot trail. The trailhead is off of the High Road and Bolo Point Road intersection further south of the Rocky Point trailhead. It is very pretty in the spring with the wildflowers and can be overgrown or muddy. It meets the Cross Timbers Trail at High Road.  

Cross Timbers Trail

The Cross Timbers Trail is at the very top of the northern edge of Grapevine Lake, off of SH 377 in Roanoke, Texas. From SH 114 in Roanoke, take SH 377 north 2.9 miles to Durham Road. Go right and follow Durham Road to its end where the trailhead begins and there is horse trailer parking. 

Hikers, mountain bikers, and horseback riders share this 3.5 mile trail with 1.5 miles of side loops that has a main trail, three side loops, and a side trail. It is moderately challenging for hikers and technically challenging for mountain bikers. There are two bridges and a horse watering area with a rest area closer to the High Road end of the trail. 

Can You Walk Around Grapevine Lake?

No, you cannot walk around Grapevine Lake in its entirety. There are too many places where it is grown up in thickets, city property lines, and private property. But as you can see from the above information, there are plenty of great trails and parks to visit. 

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